Monday, March 20, 2006

Shaking off the moulder of the grave.

More than a year later, I emerge from the grave to keep my blog from permanent death...I stopped blogging because indeed, my other interests superceded my writing bug for a good long time. Knitting and digital photo art were, and are the two main contenders for my spare hours, along with being a Daisy Scout leader and the mom of two.

I don't plan to keep this blog as a daily diary; I never have. However, the writing muse tickles me enough to want to try writing a book. My neighbor has just published his first book, by the way, and guess who illustrated the cover?

He went the e-publishing route...I can't say what publishing mechanism I'll use at this point, since I barely have a manuscript and no proposals drafted. However, I know enough published authors in the traditional world that I'm hoping on collecting some solid advice when the time comes.

Meanwhile, maybe I'll post some new ideas for my manuscript here every now and then, who knows? No, it's not a "weblog" in the sense that most users define it, but it served as a great "story factory and warehouse" for me. Enough said, it's Monday.