Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Hi, and welcome to "(Not) Words out of my mouth."

Christened as such since these cathartic posts will likely never see the light of day as the spoken word--Just thoughts that need to get out, go somewhere. And now, with the wonderful world of Blogs, anyone with anything to say has their outlet--Hallelujah!

As an introduction, I'm a thirty-something nearing fourty-something year old web/usability designer at a large software company, said company to remain nameless. In my previous life I was a zookeeper, nay, a "primate technician" (no, we never got out the wrenches on the monkeys), so I've encountered about every level of s**t there is in the working world, from cage level to corporate level.

Feel free to ride along, lurk, drive by (no violence, please), or just relax a while reading the mind spew of someone who doesn't give a dang if you're reading or not. Heck, I care, I just don't want to know if you *don't like my Blog. There's plenty of outlets for that on Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Here goes.