Tuesday, February 24, 2004

The Poop on skiing.

Man oh man, the poor little guy just can't seem to get over this stomach bug. He's sore and diaper-rashed, I'm exhausted from daylong diapering marathons, clothes washings, and cleaning up the barf session every now and then. Sorry for the graphic beginning to this post, but parenting is not for the feint of heart.

Apparently there's a nasty Rotovirus going around; some kids are churning the mud for almost ten days! One little girl from the doctor's office was hospitalized. This is not good. For little Bo-Bo, for mommy, and especially for daddy. I'm not too worried about Bo, since the doc says he's well hydrated and the fact that Bo's still obsessed with waffles and chicken nuggets (actually patties) is a good sign.

I am worried about Daddy; his birthday is coming up, and he has a ski trip planned for it. But if the little guy is sick, we won't be able to leave him with the appointed caretakers, and that means Daddy might have to stay home. Why would I be so cruel as to make him miss a ski trip on his birthday? Because *I haven't been on this annual ski trip with our work buddies for over two years now! Because someone had to stay home with the kids due to sickness or lack of sitters in the past, and that person has been me. Sometimes daddy's even gotten to go skiing twice in one year, whereas I'm lucky to go once every three years. So, this year we agreed that I would go no matter what, and that if he wanted to go, he had to arrange for all childcare.

Now the metaphorical monkeywrench threatens our plans to make sure this vacation isn't going to be easy, or without guilt. It's daddy's birthday, but my turn to go skiing, dagnabbit. Little Bo is certainly the main focus of my concern, but the doctor is encouraged by his weight and hydration. The fact remains that he may still be sick by the time ski trip time comes around later this week. So, the secondary focus of my day is what to do: let the man go skiing on his birthday, or miss out on the annual ski trip for the third or fourth year in a row? I sure don't want to be away from him on his birthday, but the trip is already paid for. At best, we could try to get someone to go in our place and reclaim our losses. At worst, one will go and one will stay. Not cool, either way. For Bo's sake, for mommy's sake, and especially for daddy's sake, I hope Montezuma takes his Revenge elsewhere. Really soon.